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Hi guys how you doing it’s Sunday today and obviously on Sundays we try and chill out as much as possible because we’ve got a super busy week ahead so I’ve decided that today I would film a little bit of a low fodmap meal prep video because quite often on a Sunday I do try to prepare our food in advance and I thought it’d be interesting for you guys to see that so what I’m gonna do is I’ll put all the links to recipes and stuff in the description below so you can check them out and I guess so for my meal prep breakfast I’m gonna make a big frittata and cut it into slices and then pop it in somewhere Tupperware boxes I’ve got some cherry tomatoes some prosciutto some organic free-range eggs and some spinach and then I’m gonna bomb it all in there put it in here and boom frittata so this spinach I’m doing I’m gonna wilt down and I’m gonna put it into my breakfast I think it’s like a full English breakfast I’ll call it filling this breakfast frittata so there we go as you can see it completely disappeared from what you can see earlier meaning that it’s it’s wilted and that I can then put back into my frittata a bit later on so I’m gonna crack 6 eggs in because I like a big thick frittata well I’m gonna go with 7 because we’ve got one left over and I feel sorry for it just beat it beat it so I’ve got some prosciutto here I’m gonna just rip it into bits and put it into my into my frittata mix so I’ve added in my prosciutto now give that a good mix and also what I’m gonna do is I’m going to add my spinach into that let’s just shove some of that in so I’m gonna chop up some tomatoes I usually put in about 6 but it really doesn’t matter how many put in actually putting as many as this as you want it’s not requirement if you don’t like tomatoes sack off the tomatoes pepper a little bit of salt so I’m gonna put the grill on now so grilled large area so now it’s a simple that’s just pouring this in so just pull this in here you can see that there’s quite a lot and then before everything starts settling down just put these tomatoes in so I’m just gonna let it cook now as you can see it’s frying away nicely and the grill is on ready for me to do the other side in a short while but whilst that’s heating up I think it’s probably best that my tidier ways I go because I’m terrible for typing away as I go but also I can’t cope with a messy kitchen I’m actually hate a messy kitchen so it’s been about five minutes at kind of medium heat and it’s starting to smell really really nice you can kind of see that the white edges have now got a little tinge of brown to them the top has cooked a little bit more but as you can see it’s still got quite a way to go so at this stage I think it’s time I think it’s time for it to go in the grill so we’re going to put this in here so it’s been about five minutes and that’s oh that looks amazing very happy with that so that’s my frittata already in them and practiced for the week now I thought I’d make my berry belly friendly smoothie which I’m gonna take with me when I’m out and about okay so I’ve got a ton of frozen fruit out of the freezer frozen fruit is one of my biggest tips ever it’s the best see ya I’m putting just about 35 grams ish of blueberries in there just put these blueberries in here now I’m gonna put in two frozen strawberries it’s my back 20 grams of frozen raspberries 55 grams of frozen pineapple so I decided to call this smoothie a buried belly friendly smoothie just because there’s lots of goodness in this for your stomach so for instance this pineapple I’m fitting in now it’s got some really good digestive enzymes in it and then I’m also gonna be putting in some flaxseed which I think’s really good it’s like just a gentle fiber say yes last but not least I’m going to put some spinach in this was just spinach spout I didn’t use my frittata which I thought waste not want not bung in this movie okay so here’s my belly berry berry belly friendly smoothie and it’s a bit of a tongue twister but I kind of like calling it that in a bag ready and I’m gonna put this in the freezer until I need it and I’m also gonna make four more now so that each day of the week coming up I can just get this out the freezer put it into my blender add some dairy-free milk make sure it’s low fodmap as well some nut butter I always go for just standard oil peanut butter because I like it the most and also some flaxseed as I mentioned earlier put them all in as well blitz up put it in a bottle and you’ve got a really good smoothie to take with you for the day so I’m now gonna get on with making my other berry belly friendly smoothie bags and get them in the freezer ready for the week ahead  so if this week’s lunches I thought I would make a healthy noodle pot sort of like a pot noodle but super tasty super simple and something he could just take along with you wherever you go so first off I’m just going to start by grating some carrot right okay so that’s that’s all the current I need so that’s good but then also I want to do some well see some other veggies within my pot noodle so I’ve got my courgette and I’m just gonna spiral eyes this baby just jam into that and just get some some noodle light things this isn’t what’s gonna be the noodles this is just like it just looks pretty good on it it works really well when you’ve got actual noodles with in your pot noodles right so all my preparation is done and first thing to put into my jar now is my dried rice noodles so come in now so next up I’m gonna pop in some of my spiralize courgette and I’m gonna put it in my camera so it’s really super colorful now which is nice and you can really push it down it doesn’t matter you’re not hurting that carrot so next up I’m gonna put some chives in I’ve got this really ingenious pair of scissors which I recently bought and I love so I’m just gonna chop some goes in and then you know how much I love spinach I’ve had it all in all my dishes today I’m just gonna shove some of that in just to finish it off so we’ve got the noodles we’ve got the veggies but now it’s time for us to make a sort of Vietnamese style pho broth so I’m not gonna put the spices directly into the jar I’m actually gonna put them into this little thing that comes with the jar which is really really cool okay so firstly I’m gonna put in a little bit of five-spice sir minced ginger red chili paste fish sauce love fish sauce great in Vietnamese food garlic infused olive oil I’m gonna squeeze in a little bit of lime and then finally I’m going to crumble in about a quarter of a stock cube now obviously you stopped kidneys to be low fodmap and this one certainly is this is a ham stock cube and and it’s by Noor and these are gluten-free and they have no bad things in and no onion no garlic so they’re perfect but really do be careful because so many stock coops have onion garlic but just things that aren’t low fodmap so make sure you check on the packaging before you put that in we put everything in our jar on our veggies and noodles I’ve got all our spices ready for the broth in here just press that down keep it nice and tight put that on top nice and tight and there you go so there’s my noodle pot I’m just gonna keep this in the fridge until I’m ready to take it away with me on Monday Tuesday Wednesday whatever day this week and then when I want to eat it all I have to do is boil the kettle and add about 250 ml of hot water to it but one thing I must say is make sure that your little jar if you’re using a jar like this is heat proof because you don’t have a jar that like cracks or anything if it’s not no worries you could just pour this into a bowl and have it like that I’m not going to make a few more of these for the rest of the week so I’m now going to be prepping my dinner for the next week and these Ziploc bags are gonna be very useful I’m gonna be marinating chicken breasts in five different ways so five different flavors five different delicious meals and yeah I’m gonna do that right about now so I’ve got my trusty ziploc bag and first up we’re gonna be making a Chinese chicken marinade so simply just get our combust and put it into the mat firstly I’m gonna add a teaspoon of five-spice and then I’m gonna put in a bit of minced ginger which I love and it’s ginger isn’t as a flavor gonna put in a teaspoon of brown sugar just cuz it will nicely caramelized everything and when it’s marinating that really really helps a tablespoon of gluten-free soy sauce all that in make sure it’s looking free of course a tablespoon of our trusty garlic infused olive oil and then it is a case of just zipping up the ziplock bag having note taking the air out of it I’m mixing it up it’s mixing it massaging that chicken breast making sure it’s getting all that goodness into it okay so there’s the first one done okay so the next marinade is gonna be a peri-peri marinate in your ziploc bag so first we’ve got a quarter of a teaspoon of oregano to put in there of course teaspoon of smoked paprika I’ve got a little bit just under a quarter teaspoon of chili paste very nice little bit of garlic infused olive oil in it you’re starting to see a pattern here on me how much I only love garlic infused olive oil but it just works I’ve even got like my mummies and garlic infused olive oil these days even though she’s not low fodmap but she just knows and appreciates how great is but I’m just gonna squeeze a bit of lime in not too much not too little and then finally I just want to put a tiny amount of so in not too much just a little pinch soap and again we just want to get the air out of the bag and massage it and there you going that’s my peri-peri chicken breast number two done right so next up chicken breast number three this is gonna be my mild curry marinade so let’s get our Wow these chicken breast is good I’m gonna start by adding a couple of tablespoons of coconut milk pour that in there next up I need to put a teaspoon of curry powder in now most curry powders that you’ll find in the supermarkets are definitely not low fodmap they definitely have garlic and onion or just garlic in them so I’ve made my own low fodmap curry powder which I’ll link in the description to my recipe which is on the blog it’s really simple to do just make it in bulk like I’ve done here and then you can add this to your bag and then trusty lime squeeze a bit of that in then you know the drill by now we’re just massage it you have it number three my mode curry chicken breast right everyone so chicken breast number four is barbecue marinade flavor okay so barbecue sauce now barbecue sauce is really difficult to make though format beefs difficult to following low fodmap I feel really lucky that I found something that is low fodmap this is 40 foods low fodmap food company traditional barbecue sauce I feel like I’m cheating here a little bit because this already is a source by making a marinade I’m not making a sauce so it’s kind of different so I’m gonna add three tablespoons of barbecue sauce this oh yeah and to finish this off I’m just gonna put in one and a half tablespoons of gluten-free soy sauce obviously with barbecue and you don’t have to just use chicken you could use salmon I mean you probably think I haven’t finished but I have as literally all you need to put on that one so let’s seal that bag up this looks proper barbecue like this looks really good there we go pretty good number four over and out so finally I’m on to my last chicken marinade and this it’s gonna be Mexican so firstly you’re gonna want to have a little bit of cayenne pepper smoked some chili paste a bit of heat got it all over the back just have to massage it even more and a little bit more than you had before will the others of limes so I’d say about a tablespoons worth of lime instead of a teaspoon and then it’s finish it off we want to have a tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil literally all we need to make a delicious Mexican chicken breast so there is my Mexican chicken the final one all five chicken breasts all marinated completely differently and they look and smell awesome right so that was intense I’m I’m quite tired now actually but I’m so glad and it makes me so relieved to think that for the next week we’ve got breakfast snack lunch and dinner sort of all prepared so that I can get home from doing some stuff or before I go out in the morning I’ve got something ready to eat and I don’t have to worry okay as you might be able to see behind I’ve got quite a lot of washing up to do as you can imagine I meant to do it as I went along I didn’t I failed but yeah if you’ve enjoyed this video and you’d like to see more of these please let me know by leaving a comment below and also just so that you know all the recipes will be linked in the description below so that you can go and check all of them out and you know just let me know if you tried them because I’d really like to hear your thoughts on them because I think they’re delicious but do you see yeah if you’ve enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and obviously I’ll try my best to do lots more videos like this and yeah have a great day a great week and I’ll see you bye

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