My Favorite Gluten-Free Foods

What is up guys I am in hopefully right now making some stuff out because I’m going to show you guys all of my favorites pretty good a lot of you guys asked me to do this and I have never done it so I decided I was just coming here get all the shit that I like and I’ll show you guys when I get back home time to pick out all the food all right so Whole Foods has maybe three things unlit which means I’m gonna have to go somewhere else now I’m gonna go to maybe a couple more grocery stores cause I just realized that the list consists of things that I get kind of all over but Whole Foods was little to no help today it was a small looks to be fair but on to the next door sorry I meant the next pot now and I got this little hybrid sort of car cause you kind of like if you don’t have to completely commit to have a car you can have like a half club and it happens noisy but it still really fucking noisy all right let’s get our shit we gotta go to no store alright so the third store has three items which is really two items so I guess I’m gonna try to the fourth row let’s go okay one of the things that I’m most excited to show you hasn’t been in all four stores I went to tonight and I’m starting to think that maybe going to the grocery stores at 9:00 p.m. it’s not the best idea because the inventory is all gone I feel like that’s what’s happening it’s just it’s also she can when you see : free they normally have it okay I’m gonna keep looking the thing is there’s a lot of like gluten free pizzas but most of them are shit these gluten-free ones are shit those are shit most of those are Sh really shit so I found one that I really write and we can’t find it anywhere because everyone else is enjoying it I’m really only missing one thing and it’s that mate disease today I’ll show you let’s get home and show you all my food all right so I have returned from my night escapades at four different grocery stores to find you all of my favorite foods that are gluten free I didn’t mention it earlier for those who are new I have celiac disease and I cannot eat gluten I’ve done a lot of videos where I show you what I’m cooking or I show you what I’m eating and I basically brought my life all the time so you see a lot of what goes into my diet so I figured I would condense it all into my favorite gluten-free foods that otherwise I would not be able to eat let’s let’s get started number one this is oatmeal it’s made by gluten-free dough it’s instant oatmeal and it’s really really fucking good that’s about it they have variety packs like this apple cinnamon brown sugar maple raisin they’re all really really good for those of you who like oatmeal in the morning or at night I won’t judge you gluten free to oatmeal fucking good ok next we have this baguette which I bought last night it’s made by against the grain and it’s very tasty the reason I bought it is because the brand against the grain makes an incredible gluten-free frozen pizza far and wide the best one I’ve ever had frozen for those of you who want gluten-free frozen pizza against the grain I’m telling you it is like so good and the baguettes taste exactly like the crust I couldn’t find the frozen pizza tonight four different stores it’s the best gluten-free frozen pieces you can buy next I’ve been eating this for years this is Danny’s mac and cheese cream crates sort of their version of Easy Mac if you will comes in this little container both candies is reliable for gluten-free stuff just be careful that these boxes look exactly like the regular ones and this one has a little marking this is gluten-free so just note that you really have to make sure it’s gluten-free next I recently discovered these earlier this year and I had never experienced anything like it it is a gluten-free flour soft tortilla made by mission which is like a company that does not specialize in gluten free at all so it is amazing the texture is really really good it doesn’t break apart that easily you can make little wraps for yourself quesadillas burritos whatever you want this is the best one I’ve found flour tortilla style obviously corn tortillas are all different all right next we have this company it’s called feel-good foods and that is accurate because it makes you feel really good right here I have the vegetable egg rolls these are microwavable or pan-fry whatever you want this isn’t even my favorite item of theirs my favorite item is their dumplings they have frozen gluten-free dumplings just like the pizza tonight it was mi a but feel-good foods makes the best gluten-free frozen dumplings and they make these awesome egg rolls which are pretty damn good I want to eat these now next is a product again like mission made by a company that doesn’t specialize in gluten-free its Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels they have a gluten-free version of pretzel sticks and not only is it gluten free and really tasty they have a flavor called honey mustard and onion and it’s fucking insane it’s off the charts good it’s the best pretzel of every this is incredibly important a lot of people don’t know that soy sauce contains gluten regular soy sauce has gluten and I was one of the weirdest realizations that I had when I went gluten-free because I would eat soy sauce thinking oh it’s fucking soy sauce there’s nothing in it but there isn’t fat gluten in it so I go to Sanjay tamari gluten free soy sauce always make the best soy sauce that I could have and it’s pretty much available anywhere even some restaurants will have gluten-free tamari because gluten free so bake now Sanjay gluten-free soy sauce is the best soy sauce this is a frozen breakfast burrito made by Indies these are new boobies is great although I don’t love their bread because there’s often big holes in their bread which I never understand why but these frozen breakfast burritos are really good there aren’t many frozen breakfast burritos or breakfast burritos in general that I can eat they did a good job of making this easy and I would recommend it last but absolutely not least is the bread I use I basically use one type of bread for sandwiches of whatever I need bread for and it is Canyon baked house they make the best texture tasting and overall just best gluten free bread you can buy it has a decently sized piece which a lot of leader breads are really fucking small this is a relatively decent sized piece of bread now it’s not your regular gluten filled sourdough giant foot long piece of bread but it’s not bad taste is amazing I get mountain white because I’m a basic gluten-free bitch anyway Canyon big house it keeps really well the best bread I’ve ever used honorable mention these are gluten-free Tim Tams that I’ve got given to me by you guys I’m pretty sure these are only about one Australia but so are Tim Tams so yeah that is basically it for all of my favourite gluten-free foods that I eat regularly obviously I eat stuff like rice eggs chicken things that are just innately gluten free but I wanted to show you the specialized items that companies make so that people like myself can enjoy them again I will link these companies below so you can check them out feel free to chime in in the comments both about which of these is your favorite if you try them or if I missiny also let me know if you enjoyed this video and what you want to see me show you next of my favorite things I was thinking about doing something like a cider tasting basically tasting a bunch of different cider and reviewing it or different vodkas or tequila’s or fucking whatever I would totally do that if you guys want just let me know get those comments and thank you guys for watching I hope you got something out of this I’m probably going to go eat a fair amount of all of this food right now I’ll see you guys later