My Gluten Free Diet – What I Eat

I’m a celiac I’m a celiac I’m a big fat celiac all right I don’t know it’s very early in the morning and I felt like a song was appropriate so celiac awareness week this week and I’m a celiac low as you ever know that already because I I a problem many times but for people who are new to my channel yeah I’m celiac and so I thought I’d do kind of a food diary and show you guys typical what kind of meals out have I have a few breakfast in there and then I have a few dinners in there and yeah so you guys can get some ideas about some gluten free meals and what your celiac or just one little food I hope with this will give you some ideas anyway I know stop babbling and roll on video oh hey I look insane right now I said of sharing that’s that’s why okay that’s why I look horrible I’m gonna show you guys apps everything are you because I don’t think you really care I’m just really the main kind of meals I’m so if any of you guys are celiac you might get some ideas if any of you guys just knows he’s like the way I am then there you go little bit embarrassed to show it this way like you know those food bloggers who everything looks brilliant this is mortifying it looks horrible but it tastes nice this is a being tato curry so it has beans potatoes plots curry powders and spices and cauliflower that’s actually very very nice and vegetarian and green all that so it looks horrible I promise it’s nice and a confession I didn’t actually cook this I didn’t actually cook it myself my I was at home for began mom’s like I have this in the freezer so when you take your father just like it so that’s why I have this book it is very nice God like he’s gone mad but yeah I’ll talk to you my next meal time this is my breakfast this is definitely not an everyday breakfast this is my weekend practice but when I’m eating usually I haven’t requisite in work and then when I do that it’s just para itself and with notifies itself but today I’ve got gluten-free para just two Kalkan one I’ve got some blueberries some synonyms and flax seeds and funny and Santana’s organic yogurt natural yoghurt so it is porridge of Champions and absolute delicious and self-healing you know the yogurt with it assimilates you could have milk or yogurt you look at my tractor I look so today’s Jenner is brought to you by Dave brought to you by Jade you’ve got mints that has kidney beans chickpeas onions other spices such as spices some barbecue sauce sada got some broccoli we got some sweet potato we’ve got some avocado sour cream and feta cheese actually pretty epic slowly I have fried a tail thanks Dave I think there’s some pesto in the duck hands are dead yeah custard yeah cup of tea and a bowl of gluten-free cornflakes cuz Dave got up early and made it my house husband here we have a stir fry oh boy it’s terrifying we have some tricky Peas pepper onions mushrooms device that you microwave in the bag just unreal and a fried egg on top I ran home from work that’s why I love you is that something that’s really important when you’re cooking at home free is that you have to remember like soy sauce as you can see here and is not gluten free usually so you have to go and buy special one this is a brand called Sanchi and I don’t know I think I got the symptoms and oh yeah the most positive students soy sauce is like the secret Putin devil so make sure you get this stuff because you don’t want to be good guys that was a little sneak peek into my gluten-free life I really liked filming this and I really liked watching these mainly because I’m just nosy and I love to see your people or anything let me know if you enjoy this out continue to do this on a regular basis also if you’re celiac or gluten-free leave me a comment below and we can have a little chat or with any good ideas about fluting food recipes or anything like that then also leave me a comment below I just want to talk to you guys because they thanks men for watching as always I’m gonna ask you to subscribe if you haven’t follow me on Instagram and Twitter reading Torah and I’ll talk to you soon bye I’m a big fat celiac you have mercy left some everyday makeup routine today and I have a makeup on now this is the end of the video but I’m filming it at the end and it’s now at the beginning but yet this is me after I’ll draw makeup so I’m not sure how I got this look in literally like 5 minutes so keep watching

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