Onion pakoda | Onion pakora | bhajiyas | fritters

Gluten free, Indian vegetarian snack.

It is vegan. Pakodas are deep fried fritters made with besan / chickpeas flour, a little rice flour and some herbs and spices. Pakodas are very popular all over India. When guests arrive at short notice, pakodas save the day for they are easy to make and tasty too. Who doesn’t crave for these yummy fritters? Especially on rainy days and cool winter evenings? Along with a cup of hot chai or milky Indian tea of course!
Onion pakodas or pakoras use onions as the main ingredient. We can make pakodas with other vegetables too.
When our recipe is followed, the fritters do not absorb too much oil.
Tips: The lesser the water in the batter, the lesser the oil absorbed by pakodas. But if the batter is too dry the pakodas turn out to be hard. We want the crisp not hard. The batter which is neither too thick nor too thin makes pakodas which are crisp yet soft.

2. You can add curry leaves. But we have not added these in our recipe as we are not very fond of it in our pakodas.

3. Adding mint leaves is optional. Do so if you like the flavour of mint.

4. Adding hot oil to the batter results in crisp pakodas.

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