Quinoa Heart of Palm Salad Recipe for a Gluten-Free Diet

hi I’m Ursula ridings registered dietitian at sharp healthcare today we’re going to be cooking up some tasty gluten-free recipes here to help me do that is chef Bernard from the marine room in La Jolla and my favorite red quinoa yet – and I said I am gluten-free as well and those recipes of what I cook at my house so I am using ranked you know I tell us about it quinoa is fantastic not only because it’s gluten free but it’s very high in fiber and protein so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this grain and actually I should say that quinoa is actually a seed not a grain that’s very true and a lot of people get confused about that but they say see now what I did I just I put a little bit of tangerine juice dial it with the zest and as you can see now we have the remaining ingredients on our table so tell us about it okay so we have some tomato which is very high in lycopene and with that lycopene it’s helpful in reducing your risk for cancer fantastic and red onion for some flavor and some color and cucumber a boil up so we have some nice crunch here now whether your health requires you to eat gluten-free or not this is a very healthy dish the quinoa actually has a component called saponin and that helps to reduce cholesterol and so when you’re getting ready to prepare your quinoa I understand you need to rinse it if that correctly giorious it and it’s really simple it is two parts of water for one part of kilowatt now what I’m adding to this dish is my favorite oil local oil also which is extra-virgin avvocato all very important with all those ingredients cool to you farmers market not only you able to get a business rent but you’re able to also support your local farming communities that’s fantastic now when you rinse the quinoa do that briefly we do want to rinse off that bitter taste but if you rinse it too long then you’re rinsing away that helpful component that helps to lower cholesterol a little bit of sea salt pepper sea salt so delicious but in moderation it does have the same sodium content as table salt but it does make for a delicious dish and nobody want to really make sure that you add that extra flavor what you do is you just have some beautiful basil and you just slice it remember you want to make sure that you chop it only one time the more you chop it the more oxidized and less fragrancy yes right so here it is this is our last touch we don’t want to lose that health benefit either from that basil which is an anti-inflammatory that looks absolutely delicious I mean it is all about being in season being healthy and okay what’s better than a nice red quinoa salad give this a try this recipe a try at home and you’ll be sure to love gluten free grains it is a winner it is good for your heart is good for your soul enjoy mmm

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