School Lunches! What My Kid Eats – Gluten Free Autism Diet – Week 2

Okay he has the rest of the bombuh he had half a pack before so now he’s got the rest of the half a pack he picked out a mango squeeze and that’s a show he did really good peeling this agraphia he peeled an egg for himself here let me just wash your egg a little bit cuz it’s got some shells on it okay yeah he did really good oh I did wash dishes I just didn’t clean the sink of popcorn kernels in it oh yeah we’re gonna watch it okay yeah looks really good you’re gonna have a really good lunch tomorrow did super good I’m proud of you that’s what we do in the evening just to get ready you know for the morning okay here’s much for today there’s a lot of grapes they requested a lot three pieces of Parmesan cheese this is like that cookie thing that I showed you earlier and a boiled egg okay this is lunch for tomorrow we’re packing it right now we got a rice cake with cream cheese this is one rice cake cut in half two pieces of parmesan that’s for that it’s got a pepper of grapes one cucumber sliced in four slices and a tomato one tomato so this is lunch for tomorrow yeah yes and he just had a bass okay today’s lunch is a rice cracker or sandwich with cream cheese a bunch of grapes some bomba which is corn and peanut butter snack and cheese okay here is his lunch today he has a banana I already peeled it then I left it in the wrapper so it doesn’t get you know discolored have two slices of turkey a couple of little pieces of this bar and some cheese no technically he goes to a Jewish school and they like to be kosher then I put the cheese and the meat separate so hopefully they won’t even notice that yes cheese and meat in there that is his lunch thank you so much for watching check out our other videos and our other channels we’re a daily vlog every single day on fully living leave us a comment to let us know you were here have a great day

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