Should I Go Gluten Free? (Celiac Disease and The Diet Fad)

Hey want some such pizza no thanks I’m gluten-free okay so you’ve all probably noticed how much gluten free there is around these days gluten free bread gluten-free pasta gluten-free stamps on friggin everything but it’s gluten something that we really need to be avoiding pull back in the 1990s scientists uncovered the genetic markers for a disease called celiac disease celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disorder meaning that the immune system of the body is so over powerful that it begins to attack itself so in the case of celiac disease the immune system will begin to attack the body’s small intestines which can cause horrible symptoms like stabbing pain and bloody diarrhea and an inability to absorb essential nutrients and therefore death the only known treatment for celiac disease is to avoid things that cause the sensitivity luton now at roughly the same time as we are beginning to understand this thing called celiac disease dr. Robert Atkins came out with his book the new diet revolution leading to the famous term the Atkins diet now as you may know the Atkins diet is very strict in avoiding carbohydrates and since carbohydrates and gluten are found in most of the same food groups pasta bread wheat grains those carb hating folks on the Atkins diet so avoiding gluten as a more socially acceptable way of saying hey Jayd you want to beat sup no thanks I’m on the low carb Atkins diet you know because I’m fat and I want to look better I mean it makes sense right carbs are bad they found in the same foods as gluten gluten causes some people to get very sick so the whole gluten avoiding thing got caught up in this low carb fad and then it became this like general health movement and so it quickly became ixnay on the eatin bleh and so now about thirty percent of adults say that they are actively trying to avoid eating gluten most of whom don’t even know why they’re trying to avoid it they just have this vague notion that gluten is quite bad for you and ironically gluten is not even a carb it’s a type of protein and that’s the tricky thing about being human our intelligence helps us to recognize patterns everywhere if none exists so if we see a whole bunch of people avoiding gluten and we see a whole bunch of people avoiding carbs we avoid them both even though we’re not sure why and a lot of the time we’re just avoiding them as a type of insurance policy and yes there is also something called gluten sensitivity which is separate from celiac disease yet strangely the research is mixed on whether gluten is what actually causes the symptoms of gluten sensitivity which is actually a huge controversy in science in and of itself and we’re not going to go there back to gluten for most people avoiding gluten has no health benefits and can actually be harmful to our bodies and to the hip pocket first of all the grains that the gluten-free diet tries to avoid are essential to our health many grains are rich in fiber which is great for your metabolism and therefore actually helps you stay healthy and in shape grains also have a ton of important vitamins and minerals like b12 zinc and iron and then there’s the fact that these gluten-free products can range from fifty percent to two hundred percent more expensive than a regular counterparts that can add up to thousands of dollars of excess spending in a year for no reason so before you take on any kind of diet you should always consult your doctor the only way to know if you really have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity is to get tested by a physician and if they tell you that you’re clear on gluten go eat some spaghetti hi everyone I’m Jade level resident science nerd on The Young Turks network you’re watching psych you and we know you don’t want to miss an episode so please click the subscribe button down below

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