Should I Go Wheat Free?

Is it healthier if you cut wheat from your diet? Does wheat cause you to gain weight? Will you lose weight and feel better if you dropped the wheat?

I’m thinking of getting on a healthier diet. Should I go wheat free?

You mean gluten-free? Or are you allergic to wheat?

No, I’m not allergic to wheat. I’ve heard of the health benefits of going wheat free.

There are some people who are allergic to wheat. There are a few, especially Norwegian, have gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Wheat is toxic and causes disorders like celiac disease.

Celiac disease only affects about one in a hundred people. However, a lot of quacks are saying that’s why modern people are fat, ignoring the fact that civilization was built on raising grain and breaking bread.

I could be allergic to it or intolerant of it.

A wheat allergy is an immune system reaction to wheat, just like some people cannot handle cat dander or ragweed. Gluten intolerance isn’t diagnosed with a simple allergy test, more of a check list of symptoms.

Wheat allergy, celiac disease, gluten intolerance — what’s the difference?

If you have a wheat allergy, you can eat other foods with gluten like rye. Celiac disease damage the intestines and can only be diagnosed via a biopsy.

I could go wheat free and avoid gluten.

Wheat-free doesn’t mean gluten free But food companies label it, because wheat allergy is one of the top eight allergies.

Are you saying I shouldn’t give up wheat?

There are doctors who recommend a bread-free and low starch diet to force weight loss. A slice of beef with lettuce and tomatoes is healthy, while adding two slices of white bread tacks on 300 mostly empty calories.

That’s like the Atkins diet.

Giving up dinner rolls quietly shaves 200 calories off dinner. If you can’t eat muffins, you eat more yogurt and fruit at breakfast.

Wheat free will make me healthier.

Going gluten free often means skipping enriched flour foods that contain iron, niacin and other minerals lacking in the modern diet.

What do you think I should do?

Skip the extra dinner rolls and eat more fruits and vegetables. And don’t be so intolerant of wheat, because your attitude is toxic.

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