Still Sick After Going Gluten Free | Food Allergies & Intolerances

When I first went gluten free I felt amazing for the first month, then I started getting really sick again.
I was super frustrated because it was almost worse than before I went gluten free, and I started getting really discouraged. But finally I started noticing that I felt that way after every time I ate something that had corn in it! And since going gluten free I was consuming a lot of gluten free processed foods that had corn in them, as well as corn tortillas and corn chips!
If you’re not feeling all the benefits of a gluten free diet that everyone raves about: energy, better digestion, clear skin, weight loss, no more constipation, gas, bloating, etc. definitely start paying attention to what you’re eating and how you feel after certain foods and you’ll be able to start pin pointing them! Some may take more time, and always consult a doctor with any questions or concerns, especially if it seems like a more serious issue.
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