The ABC’s of Gluten Free – Celiac Disease Explained for Children – Ask Dr Smarty

Hello and welcome back to the desk of dr. smarty looks like we have another question from one of our viewers let’s check it out dear dr. smarty my big sister can’t eat any bread because she has celiac disease what does this mean Pam see from Washington great question Pam when someone has celiac disease like my friend Bobby here it means they can’t eat any foods that have gluten if they eat gluten it can we come sick that will exclusion dr. smarty great question Bobby gluten is a protein inside weak barley and rye and also in any foods or drinks that are made from these ingredients like bread pizza spaghetti and cake have you ever held dough in your head or watch the pizza being made the word gluten sounds like glue and that’s because it’s what holds dough together makes it stretchy oops when we eat the food goes into our stomach before entering the small intestines which is a long tube in your belly lined with tiny villi think of villi like a DVD fingers that catch nutrients from the food going through the intestines and bring some into our bodies when someone has celiac disease it means their body’s immune system which is your internal army that keeps you from getting sick makes a mistake and attacks a villa this means they can’t get you churns as well as someone without celiac for people with celiac disease eating gluten can make their symptoms like stomach aches diarrhea and weight loss worse it’s important for people with celiac to avoid gluten so their villi can stay healthy and do their job of collecting nutrients from food if your doctor thinks you have celiac disease he or she will have you see a special doctor called a gastroenterologist this doctor will do some tests to determine if you have celiac disease people who have celiac disease can live perfectly happy and healthy lives they simply need to take extra care to avoid eating or drinking anything with gluten and need to make sure any packaged foods hazards gluten-free on the label someone with celiac disease will also need to let their waiter at a restaurant know they cannot eat gluten just like if they had a food allergy kids with celiac disease should also let their friends parents know if they are eating food at their friend’s house lucky there are more and more options for tasty and healthy foods who do not have any gluten there are even gluten-free pastas breads cereals and desserts living with celiac disease is easier than ever and people with celiac can be just as happy and healthy as anyone without it do you have a question for dr. smarty leave us a comment send us a message or tweet it to ask dr. smarty and be sure to like follow and subscribe to keep up on all things dr. smarty