The amazing benefits of the low carb high fat diet on your health – Dr Robin Willcourt –

Diet & Optimal Performance – Dr Robin Willcourt

Ever thought how much your diet affects your on the job performance?

Could team performance be more closely related to diet than company policy or training alone… Could powerful productivity boosts just be an avocado away… is that sandwich you’re packing sapping your brain power, and are the coffee with sugar and muffins ruining not just your long term memory, but also impacting you in other hidden ways that could see you hospital or aged care?

And how for the last 40 or more years we’ve been misdirected about what is good for us by some of those in positions of major influence including Governments, Doctors, Nutritionists, Food manufacturers and the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Leadership starts with leading yourself.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to play an active role in your healthcare and wellness decisions. This translates into how you lead and build the productivity of others.

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