The Wheat Problem – Why Eat a Gluten Free Diet?

In this video I talk about the problems with modern wheat when compared to more beneficial ancient grains and how regular consumption of wheat can result in something known as wheat belly.

I liken eating a so called «healthy» sandwich is like eating a piece of cake! It sky rockets your blood sugar and insulin levels, in spite of us being told time and again by different institutions and associations that whole grains like those found in bread & pasta are healthy for us.

The gluten protein can often give rise to Celiac disease, where the white blood cells in the body start attacking the intestines. This occurs as bread is no longer made from the einkorn and emmer wheat, but instead from the inferior hybridized dwarf wheat strain.

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In 2007 Scott died from a fatal heart attack. After being pronounced clinically dead for a full hour, he somehow came back to life. It wasn’t until 7 weeks after the initial attack that he regained any memory of who or where he was. Since then, he’s been passionate about natural medicine, alternative therapies and helping others to regain their health. He now shares his passion for natural healing here n You Tube & social media.

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