Top 10 Gluten Free Dishes

No gluten no problem. Welcome to Ms mojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks to the top ten gluten-free dishes that’s the kind of any food to be proud of for this list we’re looking at classic dishes that are naturally gluten free when prepared traditionally that means we’re not interested in recipes that typically contain gluten but have been made gluten-free through a variety of ingredients substitutes and nor are we looking at dishes that involve complicated workarounds or specialty ingredients that being said everyone adds his or her special touch to any given recipe so for those of you with serious gluten intolerance always be sure to double check with the chef before digging in look at that texture it’s exactly how I wanted to turn out okay number 10 curry when prepared in the traditional fashion this flavorful Indian dish is not only delicious but also totally gluten free with such a wide assortment of curries out there there are countless exciting dishes for you to try all while respecting your dietary restrictions many Western sauces use flours a thickening agent but in curry preparations the sauce thickens naturally during the cooking process now can you tell he’s beginning to just catch on the bottom of the pan that’s perfect time for that to come up an aromatic blend of spices and herbs including but not limited to coriander turmeric and cumin curries are never short on flavor what goes into a curry sauce what doesn’t there are endless variations of curry dishes and they may involve meat seafood and vegetables now one thing I haven’t seen in here is anything sort of slightly healthy so the curry is going to be faced with some green beans serve with some rice to soak the sauce and enjoy number nine kebabs let’s be honest grill chicken might be easy but it gets boring three nights a week but cube the chicken or any other meat of your choice skewer it and suddenly it’s a fun meal again keep it a carnivores delight by going all meat mix in some veggies or go vegetarian with tofu however you choose to assemble it there’s really no excuse for gluten to get anywhere near it you can even try seafood take them off put them on a plate squeeze the little fresh lemon juice on them and you’re ready to dig in just a little salt and pepper will keep it light and fresh or if you want to add that wow factor marinate the skewers it doesn’t matter whether you call it a bruschetta skewer set a cushy Aki or even kebab we call it a great gluten-free dinner see oh my mob is already set that’s it ready number eight lettuce wraps and then to eat it you just have to gently wrap it up we said we weren’t presenting any gluten-free alternatives or ingredients substitutes and we stand by that promise lettuce wraps aren’t just some sad compromise that you begrudgingly make so that you can still enjoy a hamburger know they present the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite foods in a whole new way by putting that filling front and center they’re truly a distinct vessel for a meal if it’s a hamburger your hamburger seasoning and toppings will sing accented by the satisfying crunch of the lettuce after you eat something like this you don’t have to feel weighed down or feel yucky or anything but you do up to get a big fat takeaway burger give it a try we guarantee you’ll be lettuce wrapping the whole variety of flavorful fillings in no time number seven bibimbap I ordered you feed them up what speed before Oh Korean you’re gonna love it wheat flour and other common ingredients that contain gluten have worked their way into the vast majority of North American dishes but with a little cultural culinary exploration you can discover a whole treasure trove of delicious gluten-free dishes from around the world very nice one such dish is bibimbap a popular Korean dish consisting of meat vegetables and eggs all sitting on a bed of perfectly cooked white rice pair it with a side of kimchi garnished with fresh cilantro and top it all off with tangy sauce to bring the dish together if you want to keep it authentic make sure to keep the egg yolk runny and mix it in before eating number six stuffed peppers when hosting a dinner party it’s all about coming up with dishes that are simple to make but leave a lasting impression when it comes to plating presentation is key and stuffed bell peppers look fantastic all while keeping the potential for disaster to a minimum Marly make me breakfast mmm there’s a stuffed pepper too they’re trash from last night mmm just rinse it good they’re so versatile in terms of potential filling you can accommodate even the pickiest dinner guests most recipes call for rice as the primary filling but you can swap in quinoa for a lighter option or go with an entirely vegetable based mixture and skip the starch altogether if you serve stuffed peppers a few too many times already switch things up with zucchini boats for an original twist on the idea number five but when she’s ready for solid food there is a fantastic pho place right around the corner from her how am i pronouncing that right is it far to soup this popular Vietnamese soup might be best known for being served in massive portions but it’s also readily available and delicious gluten-free option when you need a bite to eat fuzz compose a rice noodle different cuts of meat the most important thing about the pho is its broth what do we miss most about gluten more often than not it’s noodles but Fuzz traditionally served with rice noodles so you’re in the clear to indulge pho buys made with thin strips of beef that actually cook in the steaming hot broth while folia is made with chicken topped with cilantro and bean sprouts it’s a heartwarming flavorful meal just don’t feel like you have to finish the portion unless you’re in the market for a serious food baby oh my I’m giving birth to a food baby number 4 corn tortilla tacos let’s take extra care to follow the instructions or you’ll be put to sleep and don’t forget Taco Tuesdays coming next week that’s the day every rule-following citizen gets a free taco and Wow next time you’re craving tacos Schiphol dope-ass oh and follow the example of authentic taco stands and food trucks by opting for traditional corn tortillas made with masa harina which is a type of corn flour if you grew up buying your tortillas and taco shells at the supermarket you’ve probably grown accustomed to wheat flour tortillas which is any true taco lover will tell you is totally unacceptable tacos this is the best day of my life shirt wrap in terms of both texture and flavor corn tortillas have their wheat based competition beat and for those of us who eat gluten-free we’re only too happy to savor the sweet taste of that victory so it comes out nice and crispy you’ve got some nice meat in there that you can garnish classic filling options include ground beef carnitas fish and shrimp or for vegetarians prickly pear and sweet potato number three pad thai some flavor combinations are divine Pad Thai is simply one of those dishes whose flavorful sum is greater than its ingredient parts rice noodles come to the rescue again in this dish authentic pad thai sauce is made with vinegar tamarind paste sugar salt and fish sauce but some recipes cut corners with soy sauce which contains gluten so be sure to double-check that it’s an authentic recipe to ensure your pad thai is gluten free I have to be sweet sour and salty obviously everyone garnishes his or her Pad Thai differently but fully loaded with fresh cilantro chopped peanuts a squirt of fresh lime and some bean sprouts we drank this dish as one of the eight culinary wonders of the world if such a list existed number two sushi sushi I saw if you’re gluten free this entry surely comes as no surprise you probably already ate sushi as often as you can afford and who can blame you I never had sushi that doesn’t even make sense the ancient art of sushi making is just that a culinary art form it perfectly blends aesthetic beauty with subtle calculated combinations of flavors and textures brought together into perfect bites of food but it’s not to be consumed by those with gluten intolerance recklessly as there are a few things to watch out for you’ll need to avoid tempura and any rolls made with crab stick as the binding agent contains gluten also make sure you only consume it with tamari based gluten free soy sauce not wheat based bearing that in mind eat your heart out before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions give this a very gentle stir together just until everything is nicely incorporated you can serve this hearty classic tonight or freeze it before baking and bring it out when you crave something truly homemade but just don’t have the time hey where are our chicken wings show me chicken wings oh wow or just drumroll wow look at that surf the chilly warm with toppings like sour cream or sliced green onions this beats all over meatloaf number one salad salad might not be revolutionary in the context of gluten-free cooking but it sure is essential versatile and undeniably a dish that leaves you feeling good about the meal you just ate obviously the boring side salad that accompanies your meal is more often than not just filler on the plate but we’re not talking about throwaway salads here what’s in the big salad big letter big carrots tomatoes like okay we’re talking about the infinite potential of salads to be as incredible as mouth-wateringly delicious as inspired as you or the chef choose to make them add nuts berries unique dressings make it fresh grilled you name it a salad is a chameleon a blank canvas of gluten-free goodness just make sure you hold the croutons do you agree with our list what’s your gluten-free dish of choice for more tasty top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to ms mojo you’re a tough cookie