Top 10 Gluten Free Grocery Hacks: Cheap enough for the whole family

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Top 10 Gluten Free Grocery Hacks

1. Think whole foods.
Chicken, fish, hamburger, pork, steak, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, rice… it’s ALL good. These are the kinds of foods that doctors agree people benefit the most from anyway. (Steer away from fast food, processed food, and anything with sauces, breading – even condiments – until you know what to look for on food labels.) Think of it as an excuse to try some new stuff. You can do this.

2. Buy cheap GF pasta.
Our Walmart carries gluten free pasta in two places – the pasta aisle and the ethnic foods section. Most ALDI stores carry several kinds of GF pasta, too. In our town, the cost is slightly lower at ALDI, but either way, the price is very affordable.

3. Replace crackers with corn tortilla chips.
Instead of buying expensive GF crackers, just use regular salted corn tortilla chips. They’re great for soups, for dips, and really anything. Sam’s bulk box is super cheap. (Yes, we know it is not very healthy to eat lots of these, but it is an easy option for those who are new at this «going gluten-free» thing.)

4. Buy normal cereal.
CHEERIOS, rice and corn CHEX, and CAP’N CRUNCH cereals are all gluten free (but always check labels in case ingredients change). Fast, crunchy GF snack!

5. Stock frozen hashbrown patties from ALDI.
These make a great substitute for toast when broiled on low (both sides) and they are handy for lots of great casseroles (we’d love to show you how on our Dave Powerman channel). *CAUTION: Their brand has no wheat ingredients (currently) but it does list the possibility of «trace» amounts. If you know you are super sensitive to gluten, play it safe and skip this item.

6. Make GF pancakes.
They don’t take any longer to make than regular pancakes, and they also work great as hot sandwich buns. There are all kinds of recipes online and all kinds of GF pancake mixes but we think our recipe is the best (and the cheapest)! Pancake batter can also be used in a waffle machine. You can make them in big batches because they freeze and microwave well.

7. Pack GF pizza pockets in kids’ lunches.
White corn tortillas are gluten free and they toast nicely on a griddle, but you’ll some brands taste better than others. ALDI carries soft, inexpensive white corn tortillas and Walmart’s Great Value brand is fine, too. After adding the sauce and toppings, cover for 1 minute to melt the cheese fast. We use Margharita brand pepperoni and Hunts tomato sauce with a little of our own seasonings. *Hint: Try folded sandwich melts this way, too. Ham and cheese, turkey ranch, apple cinnamon raisin cream cheese… mmm!

8. Thrift a bread machine.
Second-hand stores always seem to have these around. Making your own GF bread is way cheaper and much tastier anyway. Just make sure it has a one-hour «quick bread» setting and use our GF bread machine recipe.

9. Save time with Sam’s frozen meatballs.
The Casa Di Bertacchi brand is gluten free and is as cheap as buying raw hamburger. Seriously… It couldn’t get easier.

10. Make homemade soups.
Use cornstarch or instant potato flakes to thicken your own soups. Most canned soups contain some kind of wheat starch, but a few Progresso soups are gluten free. (Their New England Clam Chowder is amazing!)

Need a gluten free friend? How about us?
Check out our YouTube channel…
Dave Powerman: Gluten Free Cheap enough for the whole family

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