Uses and Benefits of Protein Powder||Oziva Proteins and Herbs Review in Telugu|For also Pcod,Thyroid

This Powder is also use for PCOD,THYROID,HORMONL ISSUES,OVER WEIGHT who are suffering by these problems..

Sharing some product details
Protein & Herbs Women Link :

OZiva Protein & Herbs is the first Protein shake specially made for women . It has Protein with Ayurvedic Herbs like- Shatavari, Flax seeds (Omega-3), Tulsi, Green tea Extract
It combines Class A Whey Protein with 28 added Vitamins and Minerals
It is Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO
It provides 22g protein in one serving which helps in meeting at least 30-40% of daily protein requirement

How to Consume
It can be taken with water or skimmed milk or almond milk
If you are not exercising you can take half a scoop with 150 ml milk daily ( scoop inside the jar). If you are exercising you can take 1 scoop per day

Nutrition Facts
It is suggested that women take 0.8-1 gm./ kg body weight for sedentary individual. For those with a moderately active lifestyle, approx. 1.2-1.5 gm. protein/ kg body weight is recommended.
As many women have PCOS, Thyroid which are hormonal imbalance issues so a low carb, protein rich diet helps in weight management

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