What I Eat In A Day (Gluten Free, Dairy Free & mainly Vegan!) Healthy Recipes #2

Hello everyone how are you doing today I’m doing very well and today I’ve decided to film my second ever whyyy in a day video so it’s the weekend which means that firstly I have a bit more time secondly it means that I don’t want to fill my time up with just eating loads of food and preparing food because I’m going to have fun so all my meals at the weekend I generally like really quick easy tasty obviously they’re all gluten free and they’re healthy and they’re just nice to eat so I thought I’d show you what I eat today let’s get eating so it’s breakfast time and today I thought I’d make myself a little granola bowl now I make my granola myself and make it grain free but that’s for another recipe or something I also add some coconut yogurt which is dairy free then I like to splash on some fruit raspberries and blueberries maybe and some flake nuts goji berries and it just looks really good it tastes really good and I freaking love it yo so it’s lunchtime and today I thought I’d have some avocado and toast so I smashed some avocado on some gluten-free toast add a bit chicken bit smartos bit cress that’s pretty much it it’s so simple and it’s so healthy and tasty so we’ve had a busy afternoon and it’s time for a pit stop so someone that we go for a pit stop is our local Harrison Huli now Harrison who D do a range of hot drinks and sandwiches and this and that and cakes of what I like there is their hot chocolate it’s vegan it’s delicious it’s just it’s the best hot chocolate ever and I’d recommend it to anyone it’s a really nice vibe in this place so I just love hanging out here it’s thinner time and today I thought I’d make myself some vegan satay needles now this is really simple really healthy the sauce is basically just coconut milk peanut butter soy sauce and a bit of chili all mixed together really really nice then what we do is heat it up together and add it to your fried vegetables fried rice noodles and a bit of bean sprouts and you just get this delicious mixture of Awesomeness in a bowl and what I do this also is I like to add some crushed peanuts because it gives it lots of texture bit of extra chili and a squeeze of lime it’s perfect simple and healthy and I just freaking love this dinner it’s so nice so I hope you’ve enjoyed following me around on this what I eat in a day style video I hope you enjoyed this style of video because I really liked filming it it’s really good fun than just know it makes me think about why I eat in a day I’d also like to know what you guys eat in a day so on the weekend let’s think like a regular Saturday or do you have your breakfast would you have for your lunch which you have to dinner would you have cute snacks just leave a comment below about all of them or anyone of them or whatever and I’ll just check them out and because I’m a nosey Parker you know so if you’ve enjoyed this video give it thumbs ups please and subscribe to the channel because we’ll have more Hawaii and day videos throughout the year and decades and centuries and everything and I will see you very soon for another video on this channel goodbye gluten free basis it has dairy free cheese the gluten free basis are we made in a separate kitchen to the other pizzas which is awesome the toppings are this just so much choice literally so much choice and I can’t recommend it enough it is the best place probably in the UK for gluten free food I love it so much and mark loves it as well because he gets his dairy-free cheese just go there because it’s wicked you

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