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Hey guys it’s Kendra today. I have a what I eat in a day video for you so I will take you with me throughout my day show you everything that I eat just to give you some ideas so let’s get started morning guys it’s eight o’clock and I’m making some breakfast so I’m gonna have boat meal today I never got me on but I don’t feel like eating anything so this is the gluten free rolled oats from Bob’s Red Mill I get this off of vitacost but I think they have it like Albertsons or just that most grocery stores it’s not as good as just regular oats but we’re gonna do and then I always have to put something sweet in it so I don’t you just do a little bit of cinnamon a little brown sugar and then sometimes I’ll be maple syrup this is again from Vitacost it’s just divided class Brown because this like pure maple syrup so expensive so I just get the vitae class for right now for like a lot like the pasta they have now and it all tastes the exact same it’s like half the price so try that out so I put in the maple syrup cinnamon and brown sugar I like to put in when it’s almost done so it can get all incorporated and taste really good basically this is a dessert now so this makes two servings so just put half in a bowl and then you can save the other half for the next day so it’s a little 4/9 I wanted to make some tea trying to cut back on my caffeine so I’m just drinking a lot of water and then some tea so I’m using these teas from Trader Joe’s they are it’s called a tasting of 10 teas and there’s a ton of different flavors in here so it’s just perfect if you want to try out different kinds the one I’m using right now is floral infusion so I have it in my Teavana too maker and then I put a couple drops of this into the tea this is the new naturals vanilla it’s just a nice natural sweetener so I just put a few drops of that into there and it’ll just sweeten it up a bit tea is all done and it smells so delicious and fruity so it’s 11 o’clock I just want a little snack so I got these mango slices from Trader they’re super good if you want something sweet I also wanted to show you these I got from Vitacost the other day oh my god they’re so good if you guys like licorice but you don’t eat gluten these are perfect the original is like black licorice it’s not as good as tip my mouth watering so I’ve been eating them um it’s not like it has a different aftertaste but the cherry one is so amazing and I want to get this strawberry so definitely check this right it’s one o’clock right now so I’m going to have a little bit of soup and salad so I just got this lentil soup from Trader Joe’s summer told me about it and she said it was a really really good so I have like half of that and then I’ll do a little bit of a spinach salad with some cucumber about a half of an avocado the fourth of the red bell pepper and then some candied walnuts so I just need to microwave that soup and then here’s my salad so it’s a lot of veggies I have been slacking on my veggies so I just need to like power through the other day I seriously just had like chips and cookies and bread it was just like I didn’t want any vegetables at all so I’m trying to make up for it got a big old juice yesterday and today I’m trying to eat the Greens clearly so umm cucumber mole nuts just a little bit of walnut because you don’t want too much that does have a lot of fat um and then my pepper and avocado and this is a dressing that I’ve been using for a very long time now it’s so good it’s the bacon ranch I don’t understand its calorie free doesn’t really make sense to me but I typically don’t go for things that are calorie free or fat-free or low-fat anything like that because I’d rather just eat the full fat I think it’s a lot better for you and usually they replace it with things so I don’t really know this was calorie free when I bought it but um that’s what it is I’m just a believer in eating full fat just not eating a ton of it alright it’s almost three o’clock and I stopped by Starbucks to get a tea this is the passion iced tea I just got half the classic syrup I know the syrups not the best for you but you know what I needed a treat so this is what I’m happy almost for and just finish these I have the biggest sweet tooth right now it’s out of control so I couldn’t deny myself these are the best cookies ever if you guys need gluten-free cookies again my mouth is totally watering so good and look at this channel is I just got this from Target today I think it’s so adorable and when it’s done I can actually use this so we’ll check out the candles at Target but these guys really also the snickerdoodle ones oh my god so good all right it is 6:12 I am making dinner so I’m making some salmon this is from Costco it’s the wild eleska marinated salmon portion so you get six of them in here and they’re so delicious so I have these in the oven right now I lost to my cook fam kyla you always do that when I’m filming why and then over here I’m making some pasta here is the sauce so I have what do I have in here mushrooms alfredo sauce sun-dried tomatoes and then I’ll put spinach and after these are the sun-dried tomatoes I’m using from Trader Joe’s I just put about I don’t know they will scoop of them in there sometimes I cut them up sometimes I just put them in whole and then here’s a pasta I’ve been getting call it’s the Bonavita time and I’m gonna try these ones out tonight and then the sauce is this from right across this wall and it’s so good if you guys want just a super yummy alfredo sauce and this is the mushroom mix I’m using it says mushroom medley from Trader Joe’s there is Allah voya Lin here parsley garlic it looks pretty good so we will see so I put a lot of spinach in because this will cook down a lot so I just want to mix it all together and then it’ll start kind of incorporating into the sauce so the is done it looks so good all that sauce just comes in the packs with it so it just tastes so delicious so the pasta is done so I just poured it into the sauce and I’ll just mix this all together oh my god – smells so good guys oh yes all right so everything is mixed together and it just looks nice you know you have a lot of colors from the spinach and tomatoes this looks kind of fresh so you can either Egypt eat this separately just like your salmon and then your pasta or you can do the pasta on top of or the salmon on top of the pasta commad everywhere is my dinner it looks so good I’m so sick there goes Kyla so this is dinner it’s a lot of food so you guys are hungry this is such a good satisfying meal so that is it for my white eat in a day video I hope you guys all enjoyed this if you did please give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe also you can watch my last video just click that video plane right there and I will talk to you guys very soon

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