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so you want to know how to eat gluten-free all right here we go I’ve been watching so much Peter McCann and I just want to go what’s up guys it’s Cambria joy today’s video that was that a good Peter McKinnon approach I need to come up with my own intro so today’s video is gonna be all about eating gluten-free I’ve been gluten free for years now I get a ton of questions on my diet what I eat how to eat gluten free what does it look like to transition into a gluten free lifestyle so I figured why not just make an amazing a super informative video to help you guys we’re gonna cover all the basics here you’re gonna learn how to eat gluten free how to transition into a gluten free lifestyle what foods to avoid maybe things that you didn’t know how to Luton in them and then overall just my tips over the years things that I’ve learned to follow a gluten free lifestyle also huge thank you to iron for partnering with me for this video I order off a fire regularly for all of my gluten-free pantry needs if you know anything about me you know I love coconut aminos what you’re gonna cover in this video you need to have them in your life if you’re gonna be gluten free but I seriously love I are back that if I order from them I get five percent of my own order back in loyalty points that I can spend it again like it’s basically just like free money the I herbs you just for shopping on there that’s amazing I figured the most helpful thing would probably be to show you an example of like what I eat in a day for my gluten free lifestyle so that’s what we’re doing in this video so we’re gonna show you that and then we’re going to come back and we’re gonna have a chat on everything gluten free ready let’s go starting out your morning with a smoothie is great because it’s super easy on your digestive system so frozen through a banana some spinach and then I like to add in vital proteins collagen peptides these are amazing because they not only add a ton of protein into your morning breakfast smoothie but also because they’re full of collagen which helps your hair and seriously these are changing at my smoothie game and I’m gonna leave a link to them in the description box I get them on iron and then and then I move on to another part of my breakfast which lately I’ve actually been really liking this gluten-free granola it’s maple walnut flavored and it actually has probiotics added into it which is amazing and it’s sweetened with coconut sugar and made with coconut oil it’s definitely hands down my favorite canola and as far as snacks like for a mid-morning snack I typically do fruit today was honeydew melon my favorite I love these gluten free crackers from Julian’s bakery with hummus so it’s lunchtime and just because I eat gluten free that does not mean that I have given up sandwiches or bread I actually made this bread from Julian bakery once again all of the stuff I’m talking about is gonna be linked in the description box and today I wanted a veggie sandwich the sauce that I used on this sandwich was unreal I’m actually gonna leave the recipe for in the description box so I literally just piled on a ton of my favorite veggies and put the sauce everywhere I was so filling so delicious the bread is full of fiber so it kept me full so this what I eaten today was really focused on the fact that you can still have foods that you love even though you’re gluten free so pizza is something that Bo and I regularly have honestly on a weekly basis so veggie pizza is my specialty bo is obsessed with it it’s our favorite pizza that we’ve ever had please take my word for this and just try it because you’re gonna love it and your taste buds are gonna be so glad that you made it and so I just literally pile on like sweet potatoes which is probably weird but it’s amazing along with bell peppers and onions artichoke hearts olives and then I also use this delicious cheese that’s made from cashews and coconuts isn’t that amazing I wanted to mention really fast another go to dinner which is basically protein so tonight was wild caught salmon along with quinoa and then a vegetable and then you cannot forget your coconut aminos this is a gluten free seasoning sauce if you’re gonna be gluten free you need to try coconut aminos it’s gonna change the game or everything okay guys so a quick how and why I actually eat gluten-free I can’t have gluten I’ve been tested I’ve had blood tests multiple different blood tests that have come back saying that I’m extremely gluten intolerant if you didn’t know this about me already I actually went through an eating disorder a few years ago I struggled with binge eating it really just messed up my digestive system and so for me personally looking into it and looking back on it once I got the blood test showing that I was gluten intolerant I think that the fact that I ate so much gluten when I was binge eating just aggravated the problem even more I got blood test for it but you don’t have to get blood test to switch things up in your diet and then the way that you’re eating if it makes you feel better than do it that’s that’s what I’m all for is listening to your body so that’s the most important thing here what is gluten if you don’t know what gluten is gluten is the protein that’s found in wheat and gluten can be very irritating to the lining of your gut which is why a lot of people have sensitivities towards it because it creates an inflammatory response in your body so essentially going gluten free is lowering the inflammation in your body because you’re not eating the gluten that’s irritating at your digestive system I would say reasons for you to go gluten free or the reasons that I went gluten-free personally are to get rid of the bloating and to help the inflammation in my body to go down also to help brain fog go away and overall it just really increased my energy I’ve literally felt so much better after cutting gluten out of lifestyle let’s talk about what you can and can’t eat when you’re on a gluten-free diet so a lot of people think that if you go gluten-free then you’re giving up all carbs and that’s just not correct you have to eat carbs your body needs carbohydrates to function and to live into things you need everything your diet you need protein carbohydrates sugars you need everything your body needs a variety of different nutrients micro and macro nutrients to help you live a healthy happy lifestyle and to keep your body filled properly and still eat things like quinoa is an amazing amazing food quinoa is actually a seed that’s a really great source of carbs as well as buckwheat despite the name there is no wheat in buckwheat that’s actually a seed as well quinoa and buckwheat are both seeds they’re commonly mistaken as grains but they’re not I also love potatoes sweet potatoes are an amazing source of carbohydrate that can totally have like vegetables that are like starchy vegetables I love butternut squash and spaghetti squash so me personally that’s what works for me I ordered quinoa and buckwheat regularly from iron some things to be aware of when you are going gluten-free that you should stay away from our things like soy sauce once again that contains gluten a lot of salad dressings in the beginning of when I was going gluten-free I wasn’t really paying attention to salad dressings a lot of salad dressings have gluten in them also things like imitation seafood like imitation crab meat I had no idea that that contained gluten for the longest time also sometimes spices like if you buy premade spice mix gluten can be in there as well as like candy or chips just be really careful when you’re buying things honestly I don’t eat those foods anyway I just stay away from them I like to eat lots of vegetables lots of you know healthy fats like avocados nuts seeds things that aren’t processed I would say if you’re gonna go into a gluten-free diet you’re gonna feel best eating things that aren’t processed like I wouldn’t recommend switching from a full gluten diet to just straight-up like gluten free candy and gluten-free pasta and gluten-free bread let’s talk about going out to eat going out to eat and being gluten free it really isn’t that hard it’s not like this super daunting task you just have to be nice which I think you should be nice to your server either way whether you eat gluten free or not I always tell the server’s like hi I can’t have gluten what do you recommend on the menu if you’re worried about going gluten-free and you’re scared of going out to eat I don’t think that should be an issue for you in fact I feel like it just makes you more aware of like the options of eating healthier foods so if I’m going out to eat now I opt for more like salads and vegetables and things are super healthy that you should be eating regardless of whether you eat gluten or not so it’s just increased the amount of vegetables and fruit and healthy fats that I’m eating another thing I want to talk about is being deprived now I can say I’m gonna be really honest in the very beginning of going gluten free I definitely felt deprived I felt like I was missing out on things I felt sad I was like I missed that food after that initial like getting over the hump of the beginning of it I do not feel deprived in fact I’ve learned so much about cooking and baking I make amazing delicious gluten free foods that people that aren’t gluten free they’ll come over and I’ll make them food and they’ll be like this is literally better than the real stuff so you can make so many amazing delicious foods that are foods that word I think it is you can make so many delicious things whatever you can make so many delicious recipes that are incredible that are completely gluten free and that are super delicious I’ve learned how to make really good gluten-free bread biscuits scones cookies cakes everything that are mostly gluten and grain free eating gluten free and eating this way has made my life improve and if you’re wanting to do it I would say go for it there’s nothing that should hold you back eating gluten-free is not this tremendously difficult task I have never felt better I’ve never had more energy I feel like I just feel so much better eating this way and it’s it’s honestly fun because I feel like I’m getting better at cooking and baking leave a comment below let me know if you are currently gluten free or if you’re wanting to go gluten free or just leave a comment below because I love talking to you guys so much also don’t forget you can click the link in the description box to get five dollars off your first eyre border iron ships one hundred and sixty different countries I actually placed an order on I of this morning I ordered it and literally thirty minutes later I had a notification in my own box that they had shipped the Box like it’s correct it’s crazy how fast our shipping is nobody has faster shipping than iron just saying let me know any questions that you have about being gluten free I will be happy to help you honestly if you have any questions and don’t forget to click thumbs up if you found this video helpful it just helps my channel and it sports my channel so much when you click thumbs up if it helped you if you don’t want to miss any videos for me you can click the notification bell on my channel and that will notify you when I post a new video there’s so many things to tell you if you’re not already subscribed to my emails I send out emails every week full of gluten free recipes healthy recipes fitness tips soul encouragement there’s so much good stuff in those emails and they’re totally free so and don’t miss out on those I’m gonna go I hope you enjoyed this video I love you so much and I just truly want to say it that I love love love you and thank you so much for just everything you guys are the best and I will see you in my next one bye

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