What I Eat (plant based and gluten-free)

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so for tomorrow’s video I’m gonna be filming a what I eat in a day and so even though it’s not tomorrow yet I am making my breakfast for tomorrow just because I work early and I don’t have time in the morning to make anything so I’m making overnight oats and I’m just gonna show you how I make it really fast I’ve showed them I think once before on my channel but if you haven’t seen them before this will just be like a quick rundown of how to make it and if you have seen it you can just like skip later on to the rest of the video so I already have my oats sitting in almond milk so I used probably like about a cup and a half of oats I just used the Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free kind and then I’m just putting it in unsweetened vanilla almond milk and then what I’m gonna add to them is just this vanilla protein powder I use Vega and I’m only gonna use half the packet so as you can see it’s already opened and I’ve already used half of it so I’m just gonna put that in there I’m going to add some sugar-free maple syrup I’m just just sweeten it up a little bit add some cinnamon and I’m gonna chop up this Apple and then just throw the Apple in there and then just mix everything all together hey guys so I actually started eating these already because I just got off work and this is like my first meal of the day I had coffee earlier but that doesn’t really count so yeah I’m just eating this is like my breakfast and I just want to show you guys really fast what it looks like when it’s all done or like what it should look like I guess like the consistency so you can see the oats like soaked up the whole milk and everything like that so yeah they’re really good I’m just gonna eat this real fast go to the gym and then when I get home I’m gonna be filming something else I’m not quite sure yet but I’ll obviously be hungry after I work out so yeah I’ll just see you guys then all right guys so I just got back from the gym and I’m gonna make myself a kind of like a chicken salad sandwich but I’m gonna make it with um chickpeas or garbanzo beans instead so I already chopped up some pickles olives and onions that’s gonna go in this so you just want to put these in a bowl and then mash them out all up and then I’ll just show you the next step after I mash them up okay and so I have all the chickpeas messed up right here but before I finish making that I’m just gonna heat up some bread or toast some bread with some cheese on it so I’m just gonna use this pepper jack follow your heart vegan cheese and I’m just going to broil it in the oven for a little bit just so the cheese melts on top so to finish making the chickpea part I’m just gonna add some mustard about maybe like 2 tablespoons some vegan mayo and then I’m also gonna add some humus in there too I’m just using this sriracha carrot hummus that I got from KFC ok so now I have the mustard right here I have the hummus right here and the vegan Mayo and then now I’m just gonna season it a little bit with some salt some smoked paprika and some pepper as well and you can just add as much as you feel like you want okay so I added the onions the pickles into olives and I’m just gonna stir it all together as well just to mix it all up and then it’s gonna be ready to go to put on the bread and you can add whatever veggies you want I know some people like putting bell peppers or celery or stuff like that in there but I just like to keep it to olives and pickles and stuff like that cuz I’m not a huge fan of bell peppers okay so now the bread is already with the cheese melted on top and I think I forgot to mention but I’m using Olivia the super free gluten free bread like I always used um but now we’re ready to put the sandwich together so you can just scoop like this is a la it’s not gonna fit on the sandwich I just made some extra um do just scoop as much as you can on there Pat it down and then I like to add cucumbers on top of mine too so I’ll just add some cucumbers on there and then you are ready to go so I realized that I am missing coconut whip to make my dessert for tonight so I thought I would show you guys the vegans store that I always go to they get this kind of stuff okay it hasn’t been that long since I made the chickpea sandwiches but I’m kind of hungry so I’m just gonna have dinner right now so I’m making myself these like fish tacos but I’m using I’m using a gardening chicken instead of like fish so you can use fish if you’re not vegan and I’m gonna put pico de gaia on it I’m gonna make the sauce that we’re gonna put on it we’re gonna use Chipotle seasoning you can use real chipotle peppers if you want and then I’m also gonna mix the Chipotle seasoning with vegan Mayo and then vegan sour cream as well and then there’s gonna go on these corn tortillas with some avocado and some shredded lettuce as well okay so I just have two of the chicken patties cooking in here I just have it cooking in a little bit of avocado oil and I’m just gonna cook each side for about two minutes on low heat so I have it in between like two and three okay so now I’m going to make the sauce so I’m you’re supposed to do half of the vegenaise with half of the vegan sour cream and then you kinda I just add the chipotle powder to taste but it’s pretty strong so I would recommend just adding a little bit at a time and then seeing how much you like so we’re just gonna put for the amount of tacos I’m making I’m finally gonna put a couple tablespoons in each it should look to be like a little bit of a red color not super red but you can definitely see the Chipotle in here so after tasting it I realized that I wanted a little bit more chipotle powder in there so you can see the colors a little bit darker now I probably added like double what I originally showed um but again it just kind of depends on your preference [Music] [Music] so this is what they look like the mouths finished and you just saw me make them but the lettuce right here the avocado chicken the sauce underneath and then that pico de gaia right here and then before you eat them I’m just gonna put a little bit of Tapatio on and then as I was eating them I realized I forgot to mention how I cook the tortillas um I just put them on a nonstick skillet and just cooked him on high heat and just heat it in a membe as you can see it kind of got a little bit Brown so yeah it’s super easy I just like warmed them up a little bit okay so it’s been a couple hours since I had dinner and I’m gonna have dessert now coz I’m craving something kind of sweet so I’m just gonna I have some strawberries cut up in a bowl right here you can see and then I’m just gonna add this is this stuff you guys so let me get at the vegan grocery store it’s just so delicious coconut whip so I’m just gonna add I don’t even know how much like a couple of schools of that and then I’m just gonna add some cacao nibs on top so yeah that’s all for what I ate today and I hope you guys like this video and I will see you in my next video

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