What I Eat to Keep My Crohn’s Disease In Remission

These are the foods I eat on any given day to keep my Crohn’s disease in remission. I used a different diet to cure my Crohn’s or put it into remission.

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99% of Probiotic Supplements Are Killed By Stomach Acid
Just Thrive® has tested the top 40 brands of probiotic supplements and all of these supplements die when exposed to stomach acid. Just Thrive® has identified spore based bacteria with a special shell to survive stomach acid and populate your gut. In a clinical trial college students were just given Just Thrive® once a day and showed a 60% reduction in leaky gut symptoms in 30 days. Their inflammatory markers that indicate chronic illness were also greatly reduced.

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Colostrum is the ULTIMATE gut healing food/supplement but… colostrum is ‘LEGALLY defined’ as milk from the first 6 milkings. This is plain false. The TRUE definition of colostrum comes from the FIRST milking. I have seen first hand (while working on the farm) the difference between the 1st milking and the 2nd milking: the 1st is very thick and the 2nd has the consistency of milk.

Colostrum is 25% solids 6 hours after birth and 10% solids 48 hours after birth. This means you are getting double, triple, if not quadruple the nutrients and health/healing benefits with real colostrum. To your gut health!

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