I place a gluten-free zucchini bread I will leave the recipe down in the description we chopped that with some delicious Kerrygold butter and they also have blackberries if you don’t think your kids will eat this kind of stuff you just have to keep offering it kids will eat whatever their fat a regular basis they’ll eventually get hungry and want to try it and eat it so we have broccoli and carrots blueberries and bananas a piece of salami and a piece of Turkey so that’s what they’re going to eat for lunch right now the girls are in the herb garden and they are helping cut some chamomile flowers we like to make tea chamomile we also use peppermint so use spearmint to these two types of mint we use lemon balm so this is something they like to help me with and they like to drape we like to add cinnamon and honey yup honey don’t these flowers smell like honey they kind of do they smell like pee rat yeah they smell like chamomile tea huh it’s one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is their drinks they drink mostly water that’s their preferred beverage of choice and they probably drink about 20 to 30 ounces of water every day so that’s really good huh and I have found that adding straws helps them to drink more water right for dinner we are having grilled barbecue chicken brown rice and mixed vegetables their dad is working late tonight so we are just reheating some leftovers and I love having the frozen veggies on hand makes it really easy when I’m not preparing a full meal just to add some more vegetables to our diet little guys enjoying it too so we are ending tonight with a huge bowl of popcorn this is buttered with Kerrygold butter key ingredient here is this real salt this is high in mineral content and it is sourced from the Great Salt Lake he’s mad because he wants to get to the popcorn are you moving your chair to get to the popcorn so we’re gonna have this popcorn Bella also said she wanted more pineapple so we’re gonna need the rest of that pineapple from today our family of five polished off a whole pineapple today crazy and she also wanted some more zucchini bread so that is what my kids eat in a day as you can see it’s a lot of fruits vegetables meat like I said earlier a great way to get your kids to eat vegetables and fruit is to just offer it to them a lot so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like this video give them given a thumbs up so that I know that I should make more of these types of videos I did get a request to post videos about what we eat so I hope this helps those of you out there that we’re looking for a video like this oh yeah I also know to mention that this is what I eat too I don’t make myself anything new special or separate from what the kids eat so a lot of times like I don’t like to you breakfast so I may eat what they didn’t eat up there play same thing for lunch and sometimes the first meal that I actually like plate for myself is dinner so just kind of much why I’m making the kids food and then I’ll much when I’m cleaning up and I’ll eat dinner with Ryan and the kids so that’s how it works out good for us I am able to get like a lot done I don’t know maybe I should play my own food it doesn’t take that long to prepare my own self but as a mom let me know in the comments if you do that Jill thanks so much for watching guys we’ll see you in the next video that’s the potty to urinal